Writing Again

I’ve always been really proud in my ability to write. At every stage of schooling, English was my favorite subject, because it meant that I got to be graded on something I both was good at and enjoyed doing. As I entered college and my writing became more controlled by the journalism program (technical writing always is), this blog became the home of the stuff I wanted to write, and then as I entered law school, all of that got deleted in an effort to keep potential employers from seeing that less professional, more personal side of me.

Now I’m here, nearly six years removed from my first day on the lawyerly path, and I want to write again. But after six years, I just…don’t feel very good at it anymore. How sad that would be, if high school me learned that that’s what happened to her.

So we’re retaking this slice of internet to be what it was originally intended to be. It morphed into this sort of travel photo sharing space — and, now that the pandemic is coming to a close, probably will return to that much of the time — but I’m going to try to bring it back to its former, more personal, glory. I have a fear that people might read it and think differently of me, but honestly, I post goofier things on my non-private Twitter account.

To start, here’s a quick update: I have a new job as of January, I paid off my car last week, and I got my real estate license only to realize that that’s not a path meant for me. My grandfather sold his house in Florida, which was the closest thing I have to a childhood home, and I got both rounds of my COVID vaccine. I gained 20 pounds in the last year, and I’m trying to start running again, though I continue to be bad at it. I’m going to Philadelphia next weekend. Life is getting better every day.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for spending some time with me!

Talk to me.

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