This thing has sat dormant for a minute (year and a half?) now, which would boggle the mind of 19-year-old me who started writing on this weekly as a college assignment. If anyone’s still reading this, my apologies for the delay.

The interwebs have told me that the first time I paid for the domain “kathleenmartini.com” was in 2013. I used to write a lot more about a lot more personal topics. I used this website as a way to self-broadcast my thoughts and feelings to whoever cared enough to click the link to read. When I went to law school, I deleted a lot of posts that I was really proud of, in an effort (I guess) to make myself seem more like the professional I was training to be and less like…I don’t know. Me, I guess.

I wish I hadn’t done that. I’m not ashamed of what I chose — and continue to choose — to share online, especially on this page. I’m not ashamed of the person I grew from or the person I grew into. I’m not embarrassed by my thoughts or opinions or lessons, and I’m not embarrassed that I wrote about them and shouted them into the void of the internet.

So! Here’s another post from me after a long hiatus from this bloggy blog. I went to upstate New York with some friends and had a really lovely time. It was postcard-picturesque. I’m currently in Los Angeles visiting my brother, and I take the Ohio bar exam in a week. I’ll try my best to post about all of that in the next week or so.

In the meantime, thanks for listening.

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