Los Angeles (again!)

Ah, the Angeles of the Los. What a place. Especially in February when you live in Ohio and are studying for the bar exam.

My entanglement with this pretty city has been well documented on this particular stretch of internet, and our long-distance love affair will probably continue in perpetuity. My brother is living and working there now, which is a great excuse to visit multiple times a year.

This time around, I continued my tradition (my two-time-and-hopefully-never-again tradition) of escaping the jurisdiction in which I live and galavanting elsewhere to study for the bar exam and paired it with a brother visit and a German function. I would go on walks around my brother’s neighborhood while he was at work and do practice essay questions in the park. It was lovely.

Highlights include:

  • Pasta Sisters (Culver City)
  • The Shack (Playa Del Rey)
  • Blue Bottle Coffee (in various locations, but this one in Century City)
  • Fox Hills Park (Culver City)
  • all of Silverado Canyon

Now enjoy some hastily taken, unedited photos.

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