I’ve been spending a lot of time in Cleveland lately. This means spending a lot of time on I-90 through Indiana, which means a lot of introspection.


Looking at my timeline, it’s always somewhat comical to me how much Ohio feels like home. When I first arrived in Columbus in 2011 as a freshman at Ohio State, the entire state felt like a prison I had sentenced myself to. I missed Texas, I missed my family, and I was *this* close to transferring home.

Now, though, Ohio’s etched on my heart something fierce. How quickly things can change.

I’m reaching the end of law school—well, actually, I’ve reached the end of law school, since graduation is in two weeks—and I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on the last three years of my life. How lucky I have been to experience all that I have in my 24 years of life on this planet. How blessed I am to have the people I have known walk through my life with me. How beautiful my opportunities and failures are, and how much I’ve learned and grown.

The relativity of time and how fast it passes as I get older never ceases to amaze me, and the fact that the law school chapter of my life—and really the 20-year education chapter—is now over is shocking, but I am very happy. The last three years were filled with very, very high times and very, very low times, and everything that has happened has made me more me.

The next step is become a real lawyer: taking the Illinois bar exam in July and starting work as an associate in global finance for a law firm in Chicago. In between there will be lots of travel and friends and good times (spliced through with a lot of Barbri Bar Prep videos).

I am very proud, and very humble, and very excited for the adventures to come.


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