San Antonio

Man oh man. I didn’t think I’d have a post about good ol’ San Antone on this thing, well, ever.

I went to high school in San Antonio, and my family lived there until my junior year of high school. It is the place of my most vivid and some of my fondest memories. It is, in most ways, the place that made me who I am today. I haven’t been back in four years.


I had allowed myself to push San Antonio to the memories pile and leave it there. I let myself all but forget about the community I had there, the people who were so close to my heart. Being back brought it all to the foreground. I freakin’ love that place.


Two of my closest friends from high school got married at the St. Anthony Hotel this past weekend. I was blessed and honored to celebrate their love. Paige and I had tons of classes together and were two of the most involved human beings on campus (no really, she was voted Most Involved). Seth was my first friend in Texas and my homecoming date one year. The fact that they’re now minted together for eternity fills my heart with such joy.


So fun fact: there’s a law in San Antonio that you can’t build any building that casts a shadow on the Alamo at any time of day. So the city itself does not grow. However, the surrounding area is constantly and continually changing. New stuff goes up all the time.


And, of course, the city with near continual sun was cloudy the whole time I was there. Whatever. I still got to watch the Buckeyes win at a bar on the Riverwalk and have dinner at La Cantera with some more friends. It was the best.

It most definitely will not be four years before I go back.


These pictures are not edited and also not good. Sorry. I’ll do better next time, I swear.

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