Sailing on Lake Michigan

I’m no longer a 1L and have put the hazing of the first year of law school behind me. It’s going to take me a minute to unlearn to palpable guilt I have checking social media and not studying, but nights like last night help with that a bit.

A few months ago I won a night sailing on Lake Michigan at an auction UChicago Law puts on to fund unpaid public interest and government summer jobs. Last night I got to cash in on it. Let me tell you, I’m a boat girl.

There wasn’t much (read: no) wind, which meant that we didn’t actually have to do anything. The sails were basically there for show, and the motor puttered us around the lake for a couple of hours. We were going so slow that the ducks could keep up with us. It was awesome.

The sunset was amazing (see below), the duck got quite friendly (see previous parenthetical), and I ate all the cheese on the boat. I am not ashamed.

Overall, perfect night. Perfect start to the summer. Perfect city. Perfect company. Life is good.







2 responses to “Sailing on Lake Michigan”

  1. What a great skyline shot you have there. Well done!

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